Valdemar is a creative agency specializing in producing and designing web content, as well as online marketing. We produce our own content in-house, from music production to social media campaigns.

My name is Staffan Ulmert and I am the founder of Valdemar. Since 2012 me and my freelancers, have produced our own content as well as assisting both big and small businesses to realize their ideas. Email me and let's discuss your project.

Website Projects

Produced and designed. Custom, specialized code developed with freelancers as well as professional writers. Maintained together with volunteer moderators.


Has it Leaked

Music community website where members add, submit news and discuss upcoming music albums. The site report leaks, without sharing illegal downloads, via email lists and social media. The website has 1.5 million unique visitors per month, 100 000 active members, with a community that has added 19 000 albums since 2012. 


Void & Form

Contemporary art site focusing on trending art profiles from the US. The site makes use of freelance professional art editors. The site itself has won UX and design awards, among them Awwwards, and is used as a template by various design publications and Universities, such as the University of Texas.


Vaping Culture

Concept community website where members add, edit and review e-liquids. A unique, and more artistic approach to the growing vaping community. Users are also able to add YouTube video reviews, images and get custom recommendations using the site's recommendation tool. Retailers are able to promote their lineup and add coupon codes. The site has so far generated 15 000 e-liquid entries.


Cinavia Fix

Online shop offering a solution to the Cinavia DRM video protection found on video game consoles as well as DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K players. The site provides its software solution through the online retailer Clickbank and its affiliates. Commission based incentives have generated sales starting in 2011.

AI powered Twitter service. Developed as a thesis at the University of Gothenburg for the Master in Communication program. The thesis aimed to prove it's possible to directly monetize via Twitter, only using automated accounts. A service later offered and used by various clients.


Where You Watch

Upcoming movie site which takes the fragmented space of downloading and streaming movies and combined it into one, and includes piracy in the mix. Follow our Where You Watch Twitter feed for more.

Gaming by Has it Leaked

Upcoming concept site.


Music Production

Music produced and marketed under the Mojib moniker. Debut album written and produced in 2007. Distributed by Canadian music label NXR.

My Eye On You vinyl package

My Eye On You vinyl package

Remixed major artists such as Radiohead, Muse, Ian Brown, UNKLE, Kings of Convenience and The Go! Team. Produced mixtapes for numerous publications as well as US and Canadian radio shows and podcasts. Released My Eye On You together with Kai & Sunny, Colette, Underscore Collective and Toydrum via BMG in August 2016.


Online Marketing

  • All websites and products produced by Valdemar rely on search engine optimization (SEO) as well as social media campaigns. The projects do not rely on any form of marketing budget.
  • 100 000 authentic Twitter followers, distributed among 10 accounts. One of the accounts generates over 2 million impressions per month.
  • Mojib's Soundcloud account has generated 1 million plays, without music label or distributor assistance.
  • Worked with the Forbes 500 company CPALead as a marketing affiliate since 2010.
  • Assisted clients with SEO, social media campaigns and marketing strategies. See client list below.


Features and Interviews



Featured in




Client Work

Worked with and promoted brands such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Netflix and Spotify.

Working as an SEO consultant for Vivino since 2012. Producing content such as The Most Expensive Wines.

Design, coding, social media marketing, e-commerce setups and SEO work for several clients within different niches. These include eye tracking software iMotions, photographers Cooper & Gorfer, painter Joseba Eskubi, game developer CGA Moment, event solution Conferize, swedish furniture designers Horreds, asset manager Active Asset Management, pharmaceutical lab Diaprost, swedish design agency Live among others. References provided by request.

All of our customers are offered free web hosting and technical support as we run a dedicated server with 99.9% uptime. A massive Dual Xeon E5-2620v3 (12x2.4GHz 15MB), with 26,000 GB of bandwidth. Capable of hosting just about anything.



  • Web growth manager for Vivino.
  • SEO for Mayvenn.
  • Run Valdemar Music, a new music label project.
  • Photography featured in Tseventy.
  • Co-founder and former brand management for e-commerce site Snusogram.
  • Host and produce a bi-weekly podcast with label executive Louise Hammar.
  • Produced, filmed, animated and edited video content for various projects and clients.
  • Founded and coded the E-commerce site Cinavia fix.

Office and contact


Hand drawn by artist Leah Yerpe in conjunction with the Has it Leaked site launch.

The Void & Form logo typography and design. Inspired by the movie Drive and its logo.

Site element designed in conjunction with painter Horyon Lee.

Painting by Joseba Eskubi who's work has been featured on Has it Leaked and who's portfolio we've search engine optimized.

One Twitter account attracting 1.8 Million impressions in April of this year. 90% of its content is auto generated and requires little to no maintenance.

Official remix of Radiohead's "Codex" track.

The Vaping Culture logo, making use of an art deco style to differ from the stereotypical e-cig designs.

Upcoming project Where You Watch. A unique take on the movie community.

Tredjelånggatan 13 C
414 03 Gothenburg, Sweden

While you're always welcome to send me your resume and CV, I'm currently not seeking any new freelancers as my network of programmers, writers and designers is quite extensive at the moment.