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15 years of helping clients grow their web presence.

We get you traffic


We’ve helped clients go from thousands of visitors per month to 4 million. E-com clients have a YoY growth of 250%. Others we’ve ranked Top 3 for incredibly competitive searches.


The truth is in the pudding. If we’re able to grow client traffic, why don’t we do it on our own? We have four websites with hundreds of thousands of social followers, and 2 million visitors per month.


1996 - Our first website was published

Launched the music community Has it Leaked in 2013. Quickly generated 2 million visitors per month.

The site has since grown to a 500,000 strong community and we launched its sister movie site Where You Watch.

In 2022 we went viral on Twitter for the third time, amassing 1.8 million impressions per month.

The same year we went viral on Reddit with over a million impressions.

In 2022, we launched a news site "The Leak" which is our biggest project.

*and we apply all of our learnings to our clients

Organic growth doesn't have to take time. And we have the results to back it up.

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We helped Vivino
become the world's most popular wine site

Working as the growth and SEO consultant for Vivino since 2012. In only five years the website became the second most visited wine site worldwide.

As of 2022 we helped launch the site in 29 different countries and grew the site to become the biggest wine site on Google with 4 million organic visitors per month.

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Now shows up on 1,000 Googles searches - all on Page one

Mayvenn Hair Startup in CA

Conversion rate went from 2.10% to 3.12%

Mayvenn Hair Startup in CA

We increased Looft's
Google traffic by 365%

Looft is a Swedish/American e-com and the maker of the smartest BBQ fire lighter there is.

We researched relevant SEO keywords. Two of our writers composed eight guides on the site, all fit to draw traffic.

In the first year, the site received 125% more traffic during the summer season. The next year, 240%.

We also helped them design and coded a new Shopify theme.

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In any new project we take our time to learn everything we can about your niche and company.


The structure of your website is important, on a technical level and how Google treats your different pages. We make sure it's all in order.


If it's SEO you need, we take care of it all. Coding, researching and writing copy. All in an affordable package.


Sometimes it's your offsite which needs work. PR which creates links and social which can convert to leads. We dive deep.

A few Clients

  • Gucci Japan (Copy)
  • H&M (SEO)
  • Volvo (SEO)
  • cooper & gorfer (Social, SEM)
  • BMG (Copy)
  • Imotions (SOCIAL, SEO)
  • Chhatwal & Jonsson (SEO, COPY)
  • Active Asset Management (Programming)
  • Raw Startup (Social)
  • China Haul Community (DESIGn, SEO)
  • (Programming, SEO)

Full list upon request

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We launched one
of the biggest music communities ever

Without any PR, ads, or expenses we made Has it Leaked, generating 2 million visitors per month.

Featured in countless press publications (BBC world, New York Times, Metro, Washington Post, Vice) the site is in its 10th year online.

Its social following includes celebrities like Post Malone, Jimmy Kimmel and major journalists working for Washington Post, The New Yorker and more.

*feel free to get in touch with us


My name is Staffan and I run Valdemar. 

Ever since I built my first website in 1996 the web has been my playground and my workplace. I started using SEO to build projects which didn’t necessarily have any major fundings and it led me to help others with their start-up. Soon enough I worked with everything growth related on the web. I’m now a project manager and likely the first one you talk to when you’re ready to see what we can help you with.